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Belma ™ --Pellets


Alpha Acid  9.4%
Dual-Purpose variety 
Hops Direct, LLC and Puterbaugh Farms is excited to introduce a 
brand new and very unique hop of our very own. 
Over the past few years we have nurtured and developed a 
hop variety "Belma™"exclusively grown here 
at Puterbaugh Farms. 
Dr. Shellhammer from OSU tested Belma™ and created a Pale Ale Malt.  
He noted the following description:
A very clean hop,
with a very orange,
slight grapefruit, tropical  pineapple, strawberry, and melon aroma.
As this is a very new variety, we welcome customer feedback and 
encourage you to write a review, below. 
Please see our home page to read up on the history of Belma™ 
and how it made its way to Puterbaugh Farms! 

Grown exclusively at Puterbaugh Farms.
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Customer Reviews

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  1. Awesome SMASH

    Posted by todd mcclure on 3rd Oct 2014

    I saw these hops awhile back and got 3 pounds of them because they sounded interesting, I make a IIPA that has these, Calypso and Zythos in it that is delicious, I recently made a Smash with 2-row pale and Belma, the flavor profile of these hops is excellent, I do enjoy the orange/citrus flavor and they are really clean tasting as well, I am here today to see if they had more, I will wait for the next batch

  2. Very pleasant surprise

    Posted by Jorge on 17th Aug 2014

    My go to IPA recipe has been based (loosely at times) on Northern Brewer's dead ringer for quite some time. Unfortunately when brewing a few months ago, I ran out of centennial hops and used the Belma hops that I purchased when they were first introduced. I was very happy with the results (in full disclosure I did dry hop with Citra).

    I highly recommend trying this hop and expect it to be part of my standard book of recipes moving forward.

  3. Belma

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Aug 2014

    Better than what I expected. It tastes like strawberries to me. Made a smash with all belma and golden promise. Very smooth, creamy with great head retention (not sure if that is due to the hop)

  4. Great in my ISA

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jul 2014

    Used Belma as my primary flavor hop in an ISA using 1.5 ounces in a 5 gal batch at 10 minutes and loved the results. Product is as described and played well with Columbus (bittering/aroma), Amarillo (aroma) and Galaxy (dry hop). Looking forward to exploring its aroma/dry hop potential.

  5. Pineapple aroma oh my!

    Posted by R on 10th Jul 2014

    I use belma as a single hop in my American wheat. 100% late hop addition and a single dose dry hop. The aroma is overwhelmingly pineapple. The smell can fill can fill a small room when tapping from a keg. I was not getting the pineapple from kettle additions. The aroma and flavor from kettle additions was more melon and strawberry. Using it as a dry hop brought out the pineapple beast. It is amazing how wonderful it smells.

  6. A great hop for particular purposes

    Posted by Adam on 28th May 2014

    As other reviews have stated, Belma has a very interesting mellon/strawberry flavor but it is very mild in the beer. It's not a hop you want to rely on to drive late additions but it has some excellent purposes. It is a great smooth bittering hop and does play well in combination with other hops in late or dry hopping. Works with fruity and piney American hops as well as herbal European varieties. Works really well in brett beers.

  7. Good as a bittering hop

    Posted by Craig on 19th May 2014

    This is an interesting hop. Fairly clean as a bittering hop, though there is, to my palate, a bit of a green melon/lychee-like flavor. To try and get a better feel for the hops I split a SmaSh batch batch using Belma in one kettle and Cascade in the other. Both batches were kegged and force carbonated. The Cascade was a control and came out exactly as expected. The Belma, while not a bad beer but really did not seem to show a ton of potential. Certainly drinkable. I'd have sum things up as follows: a decent bittering hop but not much in the way of a late addition hops.

  8. plays well with citra and cascade

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2014

    This is now my go to bittering hop for APA's. I also mixed it with citra and cascade for the dry hop. It was the best beer I ever made...(brewing for 4 years)

  9. Always have this hop ... period.

    Posted by Cross & Kite Brewing on 10th Mar 2014

    Best dual purpose hop I've used in my 20 years of brewing. Bitters the beer then gets out of the way. I've used in the mash, first wort, 60, 40, & 20 min boils, and in decoction. Worked great in all cases. works well with cascade, fuggles, and otheer flavoring hops.

  10. Belma = Best pale ale I ever brewed.

    Posted by Phil on 29th Dec 2013

    Initially during fermentation, the flavor and aroma was mostly pineapple and citrus. The final conditioned product smelled amazingly of strawberries, and tasted of melon and tropical passion fruit. Not overly bitter, very smooth! Love these Belma hops!

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