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COMET -- Leaf

2016 Harvest  

Alpha Acid: 11.2% 
Bittering Hop with a unique wild american aroma, and wonderful 
zesty grapefruit, lemon, and orange notes.
This hop is a great balance between grassy & citrusy flavors.
Typical Brewing Style: Ale and Lagers.
Possible Substitution: Galena
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Customer Reviews

  1. Pineapple 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Dec 2013

    Used this in a simple IPA recipe, 90% 2-row, 5% C20, 5% Sugar. Mashed low at 149 and used US-05 yeast. OG 1.070 FG 1.007, nice and dry. 2 oz at 60, 3 oz at flame out, 2 oz dry hop in the keg. Wow, pineapple and citrus. The pineapple aroma and taste from this hop was amazing. The next batch I did was with Comet and Chinook. Same recipe as above but with a 50/50 split. Added a little bit of spice and some nice grapefruit. Highly recommend this hop to those hop heads out there!

  2. A Citrus Bomb Landed On a Skunk 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Dec 2012

    The headline really says it all. If you like an explosive grapefruity citrus flavor with an absolute brain melting amount of skunk to it this is the hops you need.

    I used it in a single hop IPA 91% 2 Row, 9% Crystal 40, with 1oz @ 60, 2oz @ 5, 2oz @ Flameout. Out of the bag and in the fermenter it's just an unbelievable aroma of sharp citrus with skunk and a bit of dank. It keeps this aroma straight through to the keg where your first response on smelling it will be, "WHOA!" There is a bit of onion/garlic. If you're sensitive to that flavor I'd go easy on the late additions.

    All in all I found this to be a truly unique hop and the closest thing I can compare it to is Summit hops.

    Dominant aroma/flavor(s): Grapefruit Citrus
    Secondary/Sensitivity based aroma/flavor(s): Skunk, Dank, Onion/Garlic

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