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  • *Hop Summer Savings*
    *Hop Summer Savings*
      Sizz'lin HOP Summer Savings! Enjoy some COOL prices and Great Summer Brews!   SHOP HOP SUMMER...
  • COIR Yarn
    COIR Yarn
    COIR YARN -- Our coir yarn is imported from Sri Lanka. It is very coarse and the hop tendrils can grab hold easily as they grow. It is available in 25 ft. sections and can be used for trellising and decorating.
  • Hop "W" Clips
    Hop "W" Clips
    W CLIPS --  Hop clips are used to secure coir string as a vertical trellis line for the hop vine to grow onto. Also known as "W" Clips, they are sold in packs of 25 clips.
    SILK HOP VINE   We import our silk hop vines from the United Kingdom.  Each vine is  approximately 6 ft. long, with plenty of  flowering cones.   Spice up your brewery! Our silk hop vines...