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  • AMARILLO®  VGXP01 c.v.-- Leaf
    AMARILLO® VGXP01 c.v.-- Leaf
    2016 Harvest Alpha Acid: 9.4% Aroma hop with a very appealing floral, citrus, and peachy aroma.  Complimented by undertones of orange and grapefruit. Typical Brewing Style: American Ale, and IPA. Possible...
  • APOLLO -- Leaf
    APOLLO -- Leaf
    SOLD OUT $17.00/lb. Alpha Acid: 19.5% Bittering hop with an intense,  pleasant  citrusy,  orange, resiney and spicy aroma. Typical Brewing Style: Ale, Stout, and Barley Wine, any beer in which you want a...
    2015 Harvest$12.40/lb. Alpha Acid 11.3% Dual Purpose with a tropical, citrus, pineapple, grapefruit aroma with a hint of lemon. Typical Brewing Style: Pale AlePossible Substitutes: CentennialsGrown in the Yakima...
  • BELMA™ -- Leaf
    BELMA™ -- Leaf
    2015 Harvest $12.40/lb. Alpha Acid 13.2% Dual-PurposeHops Direct, LLC and Puterbaugh Farms is excited to introduce a brand new and very unique hop of our very own. Over the past few years we have nurtured...
  • BREWERS GOLD -- Leaf
    BREWERS GOLD -- Leaf
    SOLD OUT $11.30/lb. Alpha Acid: 10.6% Dual purpose hop with a spicy, black currant, lemony aroma. Typical Brewing Style: Ale, Pilsner, and Lambic. Possible Substitution: Northern Brewer, Galena, Bramling...
  • BULLION -- Leaf
    BULLION -- Leaf
    $16.55/lb.Alpha Acid: 10.5 % Bittering  hop with an intense black currant aroma, fruity, and spicy notes. Typical Brewing Style: Stouts and Dark Ales Possible Substitution: Brewer's Gold, Northern Brewer,...
  • CALYPSO -- Leaf
    CALYPSO -- Leaf
    2015 Harvest$22.58/ lb. Alpha Acid: 14.4%Dual Purpose hop with a pleasantly complex fruity, citrusy aroma,  hints of pear, apple, sweet lemon lime brilliance, as well as notes of earthy tea,  hints of...
  • CASCADE -- Leaf
    CASCADE -- Leaf
    New 2016 Harvest$9.25/ lb. Alpha Acid: 6.0%Aroma  hop with a pleasingly smooth flowery, citrus grapefruit, lychee fruit, pear, slight grape and woodsy aroma.Typical Brewing Style: American Ale, Pale...
    2015 New Crop$20.00 Alpha Acid: 10.2% Dual Purpose hop with a strong melon, lemon,lime and slightly spicy notes. A mild herbal aroma,spiced candy fruit basket. Typical Brewing Styles:...
  • CENTENNIAL -- Leaf
    CENTENNIAL -- Leaf
    New 2016 Harvest $13.50/ lb.Alpha Acid: 9.9% Dual Purpose hop with crisp, clean, floral, herbal, and  lemony citrus, pineapple tones.Typical Brewing Style: American Ales, IPA's, Wheat BeersPossible...
    SOLD OUT $8.00/lb. Alpha Acid: 6.3% Dual Purpose hop with a fine aroma, and spicy, fresh, cedar, green tea scent. Typical Brewing Style: English Ale, Porter, Stout, ESD, Bitter, Barley Wine, and Brown Ale...
  • CHINOOK -- Leaf
    CHINOOK -- Leaf
    2015 Harvest $14.41 / lb. Alpha Acid: 13.3% Dual Purpose hop with a spicy, piney, very distinctive grapefruit aroma of medium intensity. Typical Brewing Style: US Pale Ale, IPA, Stout, Barley Wine, and Lager. Possible...
    $5.50 / lb. ( Aged Cascade Leaf ) Alpha Acid: 0% Our Choice Debittered hops are aged hops,ideal for Lambics and Sours...
  • CITRA ® HBC 394-- Leaf
    CITRA ® HBC 394-- Leaf
    2016 Harvest $16.50/lb.Alpha Acid: 12.3% Dual Purpose hop with a very fruity citrus, peach, apricot, passion fruit, grapefruit, lime, melon, gooseberry, lychee fruit, pineapple, mango, and papaya, along with...
  • CLUSTER -- Leaf
    CLUSTER -- Leaf
    SOLD OUT $13.20/lb Alpha Acid: 8.2% Farm grown since the 1930's Dual Purpose hop with a floral, lemony, and spicy aromaTypical Brewing Style: Ale (aroma), Lager (bittering), & Stout. Possible Substitution:...
  • COLUMBUS -- Leaf
    COLUMBUS -- Leaf
    2015 Harvest $12.39/ lb. Alpha Acid: 14.6% Bittering hop A solid well rounded hop, herbal, citrus, with a pungent yet pleasant aroma. Typical Brewing Style: US IPA, US Pale Ale, Stout, Barley Wine,...
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