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Where Our Hops Come From

about-ex1.jpgOur Hops:

For years, we have contracted directly to brokers in the hop industry and still do so today. But the marketplace is getting leaner and we are continually looking to unique places for distribution of our hops.

Quality is our most important factor.

As growers we have rigid guidelines that we must adhere to. We stand behind our product. It is a continual matter of pride, knowing we are giving you our very best when you order our farm grown, farm harvested varieties that are shipped directly to you from Puterbaugh Farms Hops Direct. 

As hop farmers, we are able to provide hops that are handled with care and dried at precise temperatures. Our hops are kept in cold storage year-round from harvest to the time they head out the door to you, our customer. The Puterbaugh Farm Hops Direct stencil on your bale of hops is our guarantee that you are receiving our highest quality hops.